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A GUIDE TO MESOSAUR : A PROGRAM FOR THE STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF TIME SERIES MESOSAUR is a computer program for the statistical analysis of time series, which was created by a team of programmers and statisticians at the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute: CEMI in Moscow. In some respects, it is a model of software engineering. It runs very swiftly, even on machines that are virtually obsolete, and it is very sparing in its demands for computer memory. It has an well-designed interface based on menus and key-commands, which makes all of its functions readily accessible. Embedded in the program is a reference section, which explains the basic terms in time-series analysis and which describes the methods and models applied in the program. This amounts to a small textbook. Accessing the Program The MESOSAUR program may be downloaded from the web page Programs and Manuals by clicking on the legend MESOSAUR Zip File. The Fle can be assigned to your personal directory, if you are operating with the C±S system, or to the place of your choice, if you are downloading it onto a personal computer. The Fle can be unpacked to reveal a directory labelled RUSKY, which contains various binary Fles, executable Fles and subdirectories. The subdirectories are labelled DEMO,ARCHIVE,IMPEX,ARMATEST and XYARMA. The DEMO directory contains a variety of data Fles, which are packed into DEMO.MES . These are in a format that is native to
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