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EXERCISE: Analysis of the Pearson Height Data using GRETL The Pearson data on the height of fathers v 1 and the height of sons v 2 is in a plain text (ASCII) Fle labelled Pearson.txt . These can be brought in gretl using using the h File i h Open Data i h Import ASCII i menu sequence accessed via the menu bar at the top of the gretl window. For a statistical summary of the imported data, select the variables v 1 and v 2 within the data window by holding down the shift key and clicking on each in succession to highlight them. Then, follow the menu sequence h View i h Summary Statistics i and the hh gretl: summary statistics ii window will appear. For a graphical representation of the data, use the menu sequence h View i h Graph specifed vars i h X-Y scatter i . This will lead to the hh gretl: defne graph ii window. To create the X-Y scatterplot, select v 1 from the list box on the left and click on the [ Choose ] button. Then, v 1 will become the X- axis variable. To identify v 2 as the Y-axis variable, select it and click on the
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