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Econ220B_prob5 - x t in this sample to di f er from one...

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–1– Econ 220B, Winter 2012 Problem Set 5 Due Tuesday, March 6 This problem set invites you to choose a published economics article that estimates a regression with the intention of measuring the e ff ect of x on y . Do not use any of the articles discussed in Econ 220B. Prepare a typed report (double-spaced with 1-1/2 inch right-hand margin) of 2-5 pages, addressing the following issues. 1.) Describe the data set used. Is it cross-section, time-series, or panel? How many observations? Present the estimates from one key regression. 2.) What is the question being asked by the paper? If you could design an ideal controlled experiment that would answer this question, what would its form be? 3.) Describe what forces caused the explanatory variables
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Unformatted text preview: x t in this sample to di f er from one observation to the next. 4.) Describe the kinds of in f uences that are represented by the error term in the regres-sion. 5.) Based on your answers to questions 3 and 4, evaluate the seriousness of endogeneity as a potential problem for this study. Which way do you think the bias might go? 6.) Can you suggest any methods or instruments that might prove helpful in reducing or eliminating the magnitude of the bias in question 5? 7.) Be sure to include the complete reference (journal, date, volume, authors, title, page numbers) for the article you are discussing....
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