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Quiz11 - COMP 1210 Quiz 11 – – Page 1 of 2 Name Lab...

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Unformatted text preview: COMP 1210 Quiz 11 – 11/30/2011 – Page 1 of 2 Name: _______________________________ Lab Time: ______________ Multiple Choice Circle the letter in front of the most correct answer to each of the questions below: 1. (10%) Which of the following explicitly demonstrates exception propagation? a. A new type of exception extending a class in the exception class hierarchy b. An exception being thrown to the calling method c. Two or more exceptions happening simultaneously d. Handling an exception in a try-catch statement e. The finally clause being executed in a try-catch statement 2. (10%) If a single exception occurs in a program and is not handled in a try-catch statement, which type of error occurs? a. A compile-time error b. A run-time error c. A logic error d. A style error e. The program compiles and executes with no error 3. (10%) If a checked exception could occur in the connectServer method and it is not handled in the body of the method, then the_____ reserved word must be used when defining connectServer. a. throw b. try c. catch d. throws e. finally Fill in the blank / Code completion 4. (20%) Suppose that xStr is a String obtained from the user via standard input. Add code around the line below so that “Invalid number input!” is printed to standard output if a NumberFormatException is thrown by parseDouble. You can use any variable name for the NumberFormatException. double xLoc = Double.parseDouble(xStr); COMP 1210 Quiz 11 – 11/30/2011 – Page 2 of 2 5. (10%) If a new exception is defined, it must inherit from the ______________ class or one of its descendants. Answer: _________________________ 6. (15% total) Modify the following constructor so that an IllegalArgumentException is thrown if the parameter sent to the method is not greater than or equal to 0. public ItemList(int size) { if (______________) { 5% _____________ new _____________("Size must be at least 0."); } 5% 5% list = new Object[size]; } 7. (15%) Name the three standard I/O streams (5% each): System.__________________ System.__________________ System.__________________ 8. (15%) Name one of the two sorting algorithms discussed during lecture: Answer: _________________________ 9. (15%) Name one of the two searching algorithms discussed during lecture: Answer: _________________________ ...
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