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Qualitative Analysis Lab #1: Interviewing Topic #1: What are the benefits and barriers in using the transcultural perspective in social work practice?s Topic #2: What are the benefits and barriers in using research evidence to inform social work practice? Students will work in pairs and conduct a semi-structured qualitative interview. 1) Take 5-10 minutes and develop approximately 5 questions on your topic. 2) As a class, discuss ideas for interview questions for each of the topics. 3) Finalize your list of questions.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Discuss human subjects’ considerations and how to obtain informed consent for a qualitative interview. 5) Students with Topic #1 will conduct their interviews first, and then students will switch and students with Topic#2 will conduct their interviews. 6) Interviews should last 20 minutes. 7) The interviewer should take detailed notes of the interview. If possible, the interview should be recorded and transcribed. 8) The notes or transcript will then be analyzed with a 2-3 page paper....
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