ScWk 170-2 Sec 2 Spring2012

ScWk 170-2 Sec 2 Spring2012 - San Jos State University...

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ScWk170, section 2, Spring 2012 (rev. 1/12/12) Page 1 of 15 San José State University School of Social Work SCWK 170, Introduction to Research Methods, Section 2 (20861) Spring 2012 Instructor: Fred Prochaska, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.S.W. Office Location: WSQ 217-I (shared with others) Telephone: 408-924-5849 (shared with others) Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Wednesdays 1 to 3 PM and Fridays 3 to 5 PM, or by appointment Class Days/Time: Wednesdays 3 to 5:45 PM Classroom: MH 322 Prerequisites: ScWk 110, 120, 130 Pre/Corequisite STAT 95 Faculty Web Page and MYSJSU Messaging Copies of the course materials such as the syllabus, major assignment handouts, etc. may be found on both my faculty web page at: or at Dr. Sang Lee’s faculty web page at These are also accessible through the Quick Links>Faculty Web Page links on the SJSU home page. You are responsible for regularly checking with the messaging system through MySJSU (or other communication system as indicated by the instructor). For password protected documents, use: socialwork Catalog Description Scientific and analytic approaches to building knowledge for social work practice, including ethical issues in social work research. Includes the evaluation of service delivery systems using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies (Prerequisites: SCWK110, 120, 130; Pre/Corequisite: STAT 95). Course Description This course acquaints students with the scientific methods in social research in the human service professions. This is accomplished through lectures and experiential learning in developing a research proposal that acquaints students with knowledge and techniques of problem formulation, research design, sampling, measurement, data collection, analysis, and interpretation as well as ethical issues and standards in carrying out research.
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ScWk170, section 2, Spring 2012 (rev. 1/12/12) Page 2 of 15 Through the actual writing of a research proposal, students deepen their understanding of and appreciation for scientific methods while increasing their ability to comprehend and critically appraise research design and results. This course also acquaints students with the application of scientific methods to improve one's own practice effectiveness. Course Student Learning Objectives The following Competencies/Program Objectives (PO) are realized through this course: PO 2. Apply social work ethical principles to guide professional practice PO 3. Apply critical thinking to inform and communicate professional judgments PO 5. Advance human rights and social and economic justice PO 6. Engage in research informed practice and practice informed research PO10. Engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities Upon completion of ScWk 170 students will be able to: 1. Demonstrate commitment to the values of a critical, objective, and scientific approach to
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ScWk 170-2 Sec 2 Spring2012 - San Jos State University...

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