SCWK170 Week 3

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Unformatted text preview: Week 3 Items I. Review of Ethical Issues II. Overview of Research Process III. Iden8fying Problems and Formula8ng Research Ques8ons IV. Ar8cle Databases for Social Work I. Review of Ethical Issues • Voluntary Par-cipa-on • Informed Consent * No Harm/Distress to Par-cipants * Protect Subject’s Privacy * No Decep-on * No Scien-fic Fraud or Misconduct * Avoid Bias and Insensi-vity II. Overview: Research Process 1. Problem formula-on (including research ques0ons, lit review) 2. Methodology §༊  §༊  §༊  §༊  Opera0onaliza0on and measurement Study popula0on and sampling Research design & data collec0on Data analysis plan 3. Implementa-on – Data collec0on 4. Data analysis 5. Dissemina-on III. IDENTIFYING PROBLEMS & FORMULATING RESEARCH QUESTIONS III. Problem Formulation 1. Selecting a research problem a)  Personal interest/experience •  Must demonstrate the scien0fic worth b)  Social Problems c)  Tes0ng theory Stress- Process Model (Pearlin et al) III. Problem Formula8on 1. Selec-ng a research problem d)  Prior research •  Lit review is cri0cal e)  Program evalua0on f)  Human service prac0ce •  Behaviors of clients •  Mode and process of prac0ce III. Problem Formula8on 1. Selec-ng a research problem g)  Poli0cal considera0ons •  Poli0cal efficacy •  Targeted funding •  Power and minority status III. Problem Formula8on 2. Shaping/Refining the Problem a)  Conceptual development •  Narrow the focus of the concept III. Problem Formula8on 2. Shaping/Refining the Problem b)  Review of literature •  Familiarize with the current status of knowledge •  Learn how others have done on similar problems •  Need basic library u0liza0on skills III. Problem Formula8on 2. Shaping/Refining the Problem c) Unit of analysis •  Individual •  Group •  Organiza0on •  Program III. Problem Formulation 3. Feasibility a)  Time constraints b)  Financial considera0ons A good research ques8on… •  is stated in the form of a ques0on •  should express a rela0on between or among variables (clear independent and dependent variables) •  should be specific, rather than vague and general •  should be relevant to social work prac0ce, theory and/ or policy •  should be objec0ve, unbiased, non- judgmental Examples of Research Ques8ons *  What is the rela0onship between the level of emo0onal distress experienced by child sexual abuse vic0ms and various characteris0cs of the abuse experience? *  Is sex- role orienta0on a predictor of contracep0ve behavior among adolescent females? *  How do spousal differences in proximity to the immigra0on experience and different levels of accultura0on affect marital sa0sfac0on in Mexican American married couples? IV. Ar-cle Databases for Social Work • Ar0cle Databases • Online tutorials NEXT TWO WEEKS: HOW TO REVIEW LITERATURE OTHER FACTORS INFLUENCING RESEARCH PROCESS IMPORTANT TERMS ...
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