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Unformatted text preview: Overview: Research Process 1.  Problem formula7on (including research ques0ons, lit review) 2.  Methodology §༊  Opera0onaliza0on and measurement §༊  Study popula0on and sampling §༊  Research design §༊  Data collec0on §༊  Data analysis plan 3.  Implementa7on – Data collec0on 4.  Data analysis 5.  Dissemina7on MEASUREMENT 1. Ways to measure 2. Evalua7ng measures 3. Errors in measures 4. Sensi7vity to diversity 5. Avoid measurement errors 6. Using exis7ng scale 1. Ways of measuring 1)  Opera7onal defini7on §༊  From concepts to indicators §༊  Conceptualiza0on (Nominal defini0on) Opera0onal defini0on Ways to measure 1. Ways of measuring 2)  More than one indicator? §༊  Item §༊  Scale (Index): composite/cumula0ve measures - Likert scale 1. Ways of measuring 3)  Techniques of measuring §༊  Verbal report §༊  Observa0on §༊  Archival records v༇  Triangula)on 1. Ways of measuring 4) Influence of opera7onal defini7on §༊  Different opera0onal defini0ons à༎different results §༊  e.g., racism, spirituality 2. Evalua0ng measures 1)  Validity o  Accuracy 2)  Reliability o  Consistency or stability 2. Evalua0ng measures 3) Relationship between reliability and validity 3. Errors in measurement 1)  Random errors o  Errors by chance o  Neither consistent nor paYerned o  Related to reliability 3. Errors in measurement 2)  Systema7c errors o  Consistent and paYerned errors o  Related to validity o  Bias §༊  Predisposing way of asking ques0on §༊  Social desirability §༊  Cultural bias 4. Sensi0vity to diversity in measurement §༊  Refine measurement, if necessary §༊  Use culturally sensi0ve measures o  Use key informants o  Transla0on- back transla0on o  Pilot tes0ng 5. Avoiding measurement errors §༊  §༊  §༊  §༊  §༊  §༊  Use unbiased wording Use understandable terms Obtain collegial feedback Pilot tes0ng Triangula0on Training interviewer/observer 6. Using exis0ng scale §༊  Popular way to opera0onally define variables §༊  Save 0me and money §༊  Always consider the quality of exis0ng scale NEXT week 7: Sampling week 8: Exam 1 (wk 2- 6) ...
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