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ECE 190 Spring 2011 Programming Practice for Exam 1 Programing part of Exam 1 will consist of one problem for which you will be asked to write a program in C. You can use your favorite text editor, such as vi or nano. You should name your source code file exam1.c. You can compile your code using gcc compiler as follows: gcc -g -Wall -Werror -ansi exam1.c -o test You can then run your program by simply typing ./test Make sure your program compiles and works before your turn it in. We will not grade a program that does not compile and you will lose points if the program compiles with warnings. You obviously will not receive any points if your program does not do what it is supposed to do. Both functionality and coding style will be graded, with most points given for functionality and some points given for style. No style grading will be done if the program does not compile. The programming part of the exam is designed to be one hour long. Not including comments and empty lines, the exam program can be written in less than 20 lines of code. If your program grows
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programming_practice_exam_1 - ECE 190 Spring 2011...

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