Class Notes 11-17 - INGOs International Non-Government...

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Peace Building in Croatia – T.A. led Lecture What is peace? Negative peace – absence of war/violence Positive peace – creating peaceful societies Post-Cold War Peace Building Marshall Plan – reconstruct Europe after WW2 Cold War Post-Cold War Terms Peacemaking: an attempt to resolve a violent conflict through negotiations or military intervention Peacekeeping: deployment of lightly armed military contingent for purposes such as observing a ceasefire Peace Enforcement: threat or use of military force to impose or restore a ceasefire Peace Building Act of creating sustainable peace in the aftermath of violent conflict Actors UN (military and civilian) Bilateral aid (USAID) Other international orgs (EU, NATO, OSCE, AU, etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: INGOs International Non-Government Organizations aka Non-Profits (Red Cross, IRC, Care International) Post-Conflict Issues Military, Economic, Political, Social Military Issues Security, Military retrenchment, DDRR (disarmament, demobilization, reinsertion, reintegration), Weapons, Landmines Economic Issues Infrastructure, Homes and Businesses, Jobs/economy, Black markets/mafia Political Issues Consolidate Government, State-building/Nation-building, Democratization (elections, rule of law, constitutions, civil society) Social Issues Community life, Identity, Family life, Displacement, Trauma Problems Donor dependence Contradictions of democratization...
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Class Notes 11-17 - INGOs International Non-Government...

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