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Class Notes 12-13 - b In which ways is this a positive...

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December 13, 2011 Guest Lecture Outline Introduction-Denationalizing and desectoralizing Higher education: seven symptomatic vignettes Singapore Case Study: Constructing a Global Higher Education Hub in Developmental City-State Reflections Keep in Mind End Reflections 1. To what degree does Singapore’s basic geography (it’s location and size) help 2. Recall that UW-Madison could have “lifted” parts of itself up out of Madison WI and become embedded in Singapore, but chose not to act. a. What factors are keeping us grounded here in WI?
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Unformatted text preview: b. In which ways is this a positive and/or negative stance from a UW-Madison students perspective? a) Cultivating “Global Competencies” amongst students (and faculty) b) Reconfiguring the university while constructing global/regional education hubs c) Universities constructing inter-institutional consortia d) The nation-state: branding and cultivating export earnings e) Regionalism, interregionalism, higher education and research f) The global geopolitics of higher education and research Singapore Case Study: Constructing a Global Higher Education Hub in a Developmental City-State...
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