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Identify 3 key development decisions faced by newly independent states in the postwar era. Taking one of these decisions as an example, explain the differences between modernization theorists & dependency theorists as to what would be the 3 Key Decisions: Agriculture vs. Industry, Import substitution vs. export-led growth, centrally planned vs. free market 1. Agriculture vs. Industry (manufacturing) Agriculture Legacies of colonialism Plantation systems and concentration of land ownership 1. Land reform? Very difficult to do 2. Production for home or export? Should feeding population be priority? Or will exports bring in more cash 3. Protect producers or not? Prioritize producers or consumers Recent example of NAFTA Industry Industry was seen as key to economic development and “modernization” more generally. But how to industrialize? In the 1950-60s, “modernization theory” was dominant. Underdeveloped
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Unformatted text preview: nations needed to further integrate themselves into global economy Walter Rostow (5 STAGES OF ECONOMIC GROWTH) and Arthur Lewis (DUAL SECTOR MODEL) were key theorists Dependency theory asserted that under development was the product of unequal economic relations between poor and wealthy nations. Said that lesser developed countries did not need to adopt Western blueprint for modernization (Agriculture) Modernization theory asserted that underdeveloped countries needed to further integrate themselves into global economy. With assistance, underdeveloped countries can develop in a similar way as developed nations. (Industry) WHY IS THIS BETTER? Advances in food production, health care, education, and disaster protection India Nehru-wanted to industrialize and model British parliament with soviet style central planning Vs Gandhi-simple India with self sufficient villages...
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