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Final Exam Questions! Answer either question A or B for each of the following three questions. Essays should be approximately 5-6 paragraphs long and must draw on course lectures and readings. Remember to include a short introduction and conclusion. Each answer is worth 10 points. 1. a. Explain how the organization of production has changed over the last 30 years, then illustrate your argument with an example. What challenges has this created in terms of labor organizing? Give two specific examples of new forms of organizing in response to these challenges. b. Compare and Contrast the causes and consequences of the “debt crisis” of the 1980s and the current “global financial crisis”. Mae an argument for one measure that you think should be taken to address the current crisis. (Can use TNC you researched) 2. a. What is democracy; what are its defining features?
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Unformatted text preview: What are two key factors considered to be crucial in producing stable, substantive democracies and why? Identify and elaborate one challenge and one opportunity that contemporary globalization poses for democratic practice. b. Some security analysts emphasize the need to (See slide 36) 3. a. How are humans contributing to changes in the earth’s climate? What are some of the current and projected effects of these changes on (i) security (ii) health (iii) food? Give one example of “mitigation” in response to climate change and reflect briefly on the strengths and weaknesses of each initiative. b. Provide two detailed examples to illustrate the ‘social determinants’ of health? Provide three examples of how different interpretations of globalization lead to different kids of health care interventions?...
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