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TNC Worksheet 7 - I First investigate labor issues at your...

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I. First, investigate labor issues at your TNC. What are the pay levels at the headquarters? A person coming out of school with a masters degree makes about $95,000 at Google. On average, a Google software engineer makes about $100,000 annually. The CEO of Google makes only $250,000 in income, but millions more from stocks and shares. He is worth about 7 billion dollars. What are the differences in pay levels at the main points along the production network? Depending on what position you hold in the company, the more or less you get paid. Entry-level jobs are paid less than the CEO for example. However, the work environment at Google is said to be one of the Is there a gender pattern in hiring at these different levels? Many of the people who hold very high up positions tend to be men, but this is not because Google discriminates against women. II. Has your company been the target of any human rights or environmental concerns? This could include profiting from war (e.g. “conflict diamonds”) or support for anti-democratic measures (e.g. Google in China).
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