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Sydney Hershman November 4, 2011 a) Bibliographic Information 1. Google, Human Rights and Moral Compromise George G. Brenkert Journal of Business Ethics Vol. 85, No. 4 (Apr., 2009) (pp. 453-478) Page Count: 26 Summary: “Google, Human Rights and Moral Compromise” discusses the modern day conflicts that international businesses face today. Google’s presence in China is examined in this paper—as the company had to decide if they were going to “compromise some of their important values in order to protect other ones.” 2. Just Doing Business or Doing Just Business: Google, Microsoft Yahoo! And the Business of Censoring China’s Internet G. Elijah Dann and Neil Haddow Journal of Business Ethics Vol. 79, No. 3 (May, 2008) (pp. 219-234) Page Count: 16 b) The main argument 1. The argument, as stated by the author of “Google, Human Rights and Moral Compromise” is that “the framework Google has used to respond to criticisms of its actions does not successfully or obviously address the important ethical issues it faces. Second, an alternative ethical account can be presented that better addresses these ethical
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