lab1 - CSE 542 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Lab...

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- 1 - General notes for labs . The labs are intended to help you get a deeper understanding of the material covered in class. There is typically not a lot of new code required, but you will need to familiarize yourself with the provided codebase. Documentation for the provided code is available on the class website. Copies of the source code will be made available to you through your own personal svn repository. See the link in the left margin of the web site for instructions on accessing the repository. In each lab you will be adding source code. Sometimes this involves adding new files. Other times, it involves modifying existing code. You are expected to clearly document your code. Each method should have a brief description of what it does, what the parameters are and what result is returned (if any). Any method that involves some non-trivial computation should have additional comments explaining the algorithm. You should write your comments with two purposes in mind: 1. To make it easy for me and the TAs to understand what you have done, so that we can give you appropriate credit. If we can’t understand your code, you should not expect to receive full credit. 2. To demonstrate to me and the TAs that you have a complete understanding of the material. When grading an assignment, we’re trying to evaluate how well you understand things. If you don’t show us that you‘ve mastered the material, you should not expect to receive full credit. Your source code changes must be submitted online, by doing a commit on your svn repository. This must be done by 6:00 pm on the due date for the lab. At that time, I will be retrieving a copy of all student repositories and those copies will constitute the official submission. Changes made after the deadline don’t count. In addition to the online submissions, you will be asked to hand in a printed lab report that will
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lab1 - CSE 542 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Lab...

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