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Final Exam Review ACCT 102 – Problems on Final Exam Schmidt KNOW THE DAY AND TIME OF YOUR FINAL. SET TWO ALARMS AND DO NOT BE LATE!!! You will be given a myriad of problems from throughout the semester. Some of the various topics that you can expect to see are as follows: Financial Statement Ratios Statement of Cost of Goods Manufactured and Cost of Goods Sold JE’s for Job Order cost system – tracking costs from start to finish Four step calculation for Process costing Break Even/Target Profit Calculation Contribution Margin Calculations Sales Mix Considerations/BE Points for multiple products Variable Costing/Absorption Costing Income Statement Budgets – components of a Master Budget
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Unformatted text preview: • Cash Budget or Supporting Schedule • Variances (No FOH) • ROI calculations for Investment Centers • Departmental Expense allocations / Departmental Income Statements • Differential Analysis problem – special offer • Capital Investment Analysis Problem using alternative methods • Overhead Costing: Single Rate/Multiple Dept Rate/ABC • Determination of best sales mix with constraints • Essay on capital budgeting methods You will complete eight (8) out of given problems. Remember you may use one 3 X 5 index card. You may be asked to turn it in, so make sure it meets the requirements discussed in class....
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