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ACCT 102 Review for Exam 1 Fa 11 - ACCT 102 Managerial Acct...

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ACCT 102 – Managerial Acct Review for Test One Schmidt There are approx. 30 true false and multiple choice questions evenly spread throughout the following chapters. Practice on the end of the chapter multiple choice questions, as well as the publisher’s website ungraded quizzes. Chapters to be covered: Chap 14 – Managerial Acct Chap 15 – Job Order Costing Chap 16 – Process Costing In addition, there are five problems of which you will choose four to complete. They are as follows: Identifying types of costs (Product vs. Period) and classifying them appropriately (DM, DL, FOH or Selling, or Adm.) Preparing a Statement of a Cost of Goods Manufactured and Cost of Goods sold
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