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ACCT 102 Review for Exam 2 - Schmidt Financial Statement Analysis, Overhead Costing, CVP Chapter 13 - Financial Statement Analysis Horizontal Analysis Vertical Analysis Common Size Trend Analysis Ratios – See book Chapter 17 - Overhead Costing Terms and Definitions Overhead and effect on financials – GAAP/Managerial emphasis Single Plantwide Rate Multiple Departmental Rates Activity Based Costing Product Cost Distortion Chap 18 - CVP LOTS of terms Costs and how they behave on a total basis and per unit VC FC MC - dangers of MC Hi-Low Method Contribution Margin – What is it and how to calculate three ways What If Analysis
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Unformatted text preview: Break Even – Formula, computation, graphical – in units and in dollars Target Profit – pre tax and after tax Sales Mix – composite and waited average Margin of Safety Problems – A total of six; you choose 4 Ratios focused on in class Either a vertical or horizontal analysis Overhead – Using two methods Overhead – Using ABC Contribution Margin/Break Even problem Recomputing Net Income under What If Scenarios Format: 30 multiple choice questions X 2 points each = 60 Points 4 problems (out of 6) X 10 points each = 40 Points Be on Time. Bring a Scan Tron. Bring a Calculator. GROUP PROJECTS ARE DUE AT 8:30 a.m....
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