T10-Chp-08-NC Delinquent Taxes

T10-Chp-08-NC Delinquent Taxes - taxes About $144 million...

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Scofflaws owe North Carolina millions in taxes As N.C. wrestles with a record budget shortfall, unpaid taxes add up to over $500 million. By Jim Morrill, [email protected] Posted: Tuesday, Mar. 17, 2009 As North Carolina tries to dig out of its worst budget crisis in decades, it could use a little help from William Hupman. The Mebane businessman – and longtime city councilman – owes the state $2.2 million in back
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Unformatted text preview: taxes. About $144 million of the unpaid taxes is being garnished in paychecks. The state is collecting another roughly $100 million through payment plans. The total amount of delinquent taxes is constantly churning as taxpayers file for bankruptcy or otherwise fall behind. Revenue agents were successful in collecting about $700 million in unpaid taxes in fiscal 2008....
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