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4a14e2b041fdbf7d233effe756887c864027dd91.doc. Page 1 of 2 First & Last Name: First Two Letters of Last Name: Home work-Chapter 16. (Print 2 copies. On the right side of the page, enter letter [use capital letter- written clearly] of the best answer for each question. Turn in one copy at the start of class and keep one copy for class discussion. Staple your pages. Write name on each page. (Grading: Five points per correct answer.) 1 [Pg. 714] Which of the following is not primary authority? a. Your textbook b. Regulations c. Tax Court case d. Internal Revenue Code 2 [Pg. 716] The basic reference to a particular part of the code is: a. section b. paragraph c. chapter d. year of enactment 3 [Pg. 718] Which of the following is not an important committee in the tax legislation process? a. Senate Finance Committee b. House Finance Committee c. House Ways and Means Committee d. Joint Conference Committee 4 [Pg. 720] What body oversees the operation and administration of the tax system as a whole, and prepares a general explanation of a tax bill after it is signed by the president? a. Joint Conference Committee. b. Joint Committee on Taxation. c.
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T11F-Chp-16-2-HW-Prb-Research -...

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