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f7f6a67fb16b3617ef1bb8ef66fa03b82c1f9340.doc. Page 1 of 2 Some Suggestions Regarding Term Papers – For Graduate Students Key: Select a topic of interest to you. Hopefully you will gain a good understanding of a topic of importance in your career. Hopefully the research project will help you get a better understanding of material in this course. Get the instructor’s approval of the topic and outline before writing the paper. The length of a term paper should generally be between 10 and 25 pages. Some Examples of Term Paper Topics 1. Choosing the right legal entity for a new business. 2. Taxation of distributions of profits from a business: A comparison of the partnership and the S corporation. 3. Tax planning for a closely held corporation and its owner(s). 4. Succession planning for a closely held corporation. 5. Limits of the tax law applicable compensation strategies: a comparison of partnerships, C corporations and S corporations. 6. Using stock options as part of the compensation package of corporate executives. 7. Tax rules of importance for a new business venture. 8. Tax traps for S corporations 9. The Accumulated Earnings Tax and how to avoid it. 10. Transfer pricing issues for corporations with multinational operations. 11. How to pass the family business operations to children who don’t like each other. 12. How to transfer wealth to the next generation with a gift program, while minimizing the impact of the transfer tax. 13.
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T12-Chp-00-02-Suggestions for Term Papers - Page 1 of 2...

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