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Hargreaves 1 John Hargreaves Mr. M. Allen FYF 101-M: American Culture and Values 25 September 2007 Popular Culture: The Impact on the American Dream Over the years, popular culture has had a tremendous impact on forming a basic outline of the typical American Dream. Although the term “American Dream” was first used just over seventy-five years ago by James Truslow Adams, it has quickly become an important concept that Americans strive for. The American Dream isn’t just for Americans though. Many immigrants, prior to moving to the United States, have this dream in the back of their minds, hoping for a better life in the “land of opportunity”. Many would agree the main aspect of the Dream consists of hard work and discipline, and in return, an achievement of success. In the United States, success may be measured by the accumulation of wealth, becoming a homeowner, living in a nice neighborhood, etc., but can also be calculated by the strength of relationships one has with others, or how content one is with their current life. The Dream itself can be interpreted many different ways. This is evident mainly in popular culture. Through seeing the Dream portrayed in a variety of ways, one can form their own idea of the American Dream, and mold it
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American Dream essay - Hargreaves 1 John Hargreaves Mr M...

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