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C8-00-Incentives at 1.2 billion a year-20071212 -...

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Unformatted text preview: aaf7a479270bd86e5284e5b70e663b1d323264b6.doc. Page 1 of 1. Incentives at $1.2 billion a year Tax breaks make up most of state enticements to businesses, analysis finds Jonathan B. Cox, Staff Writer The state has spent $3.7 billion in the past three years on incentives to attract businesses, according to a draft report released Tuesday. The majority of that assistance -- almost 90 percent -- comes as tax breaks, the 56-page study said. It was written by the General Assembly's Fiscal Research Division at the request of a legislative panel that is evaluating the perks. The report is among the most comprehensive efforts to quantify enticements used to get business to expand in North Carolina. While cash grants are usually easy to tally, it's harder to account for other expenditures such as those for worker training. "Until this was put together, the state has had no idea how much it is spending on and off budget or what the trends are," said Bill Schweke, an incentives critic and a vice president with the Corporation for Enterprise...
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