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f7ab56b64231a22f7a3908996f3d78bfcd61b0fd.xls Subtitle A. Income Taxes Chapter 1. Normal Taxes and Surtaxes Subchapter A. Determination of Tax Liability Tax Rates 1 15 Individual and Corporate tax rates Credits 21 53 Tax Credits Credits 21 21 Credits 22 22 Credit for the elderly and the permanently and totally disabled Credits 23 23 Adoption expenses Credits 24 24 Child tax credit Credits 25 A 25 A Hope and Lifetime Learning credits Credits 25 B 25 B Elective deferrals and IRA contibutions by certain individuals Credits 31 31 Tax withheld on wages Credits 32 32 Earned income Credits 45 F 45 F Employer-provided child care credit AMT 55 59 Alternative minimum tax imposed Subchapter B. Computation of Taxable Income Gross Income- AGI 61 68 Gross income defined - Also AGI and other overall rules Income Definitions 61 61 Gross income defined Income Definitions 62 62 Adjusted gross income defined Income Definitions 63 63 Taxable income defined Income Definitions 64 64 Ordinary income defined Income Definitions 65 65 Ordinary loss defined Income Definitions 66 66 Treatment of community income
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