C11-Chp-13-1B-Comparing Entities

C11-Chp-13-1B-Comparing Entities - Problem

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Problem ae0ffafbfcbb05b1317f04a3d072ce622e227b3c.xls Page 1 od 2 On 1-1-2011, Jan invested $200,000 in Concord Corp. and $200,000 in Shelby Corp. Jan received all stock of both corps. Shelby Corp immediately elected S Status. Summary of 2011 Transactions Concord Shelby Jan's C Corp. S Corp. Return Revenue $100,000 $100,000 Compensation paid to Jan (40,000) (40,000) Sec. 61 Other Expenses (20,000) (20,000) Net Income before income tax-Concord $40,000 Sec. 63, 301 Federal Income Tax paid by Concord Sec. 11 Net Income before income tax - Shelby $40,000 Sec. 1366(a)(1) Federal Income Tax paid by shelby Sec. 1363(a) Dividends paid to Jan by Concord $10,000 Sec. 301 Dividends paid to Jan by Shelby $10,000 Corp. income tax is paid for 2011? Sec. 11 Total income reported in 2011 for Jan? 1-1-12, Jan sold all Concord Stock for $300,000 1-1-12, Jan sold all Shelby Stock for $300,000 Beginning basis in stock (1-1-2011) $200,000 $200,000 Sec. 1012 Add: Sec. 1367(a)(1) Subtract: Sec. 1367(a)(2) Ending basis in stock (1-1-2012) Sec. Jan's total gain on these stock sales? Sec. 1001 Six unrelated individuals each own 50% of one of these businesses. Each business pays health insurance premiums for owners who all work in the businesses. Summary of 2011 Corporate Transactions
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C11-Chp-13-1B-Comparing Entities - Problem

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