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b897a262b3adb6e2c0858af5782676326b33b4e4.doc. Page 1 of 1 Penalties 1 Billy filed 2010 tax return on June 5, 2011, without requesting an extension. His total tax was $10,000 He had no withholding tax and he made no estimated tax payments. He paid $10,000 with return filed on June 5, 2011? What is the total amount of his failure to file and failure to pay penalties? a. $500 b. $550 c. $1,000 d. $1,100 e. None of these Statute of Limitations 2 Jackson Corp., a calendar-year corporation, mailed its 2009 tax return to the Internal Revenue Service by certified mail on March 11, 2010. The return, postmarked March 11, 2010, was delivered to the Internal Revenue Service on March 18, 2010. The statute of limitations on Jackson's corporate tax return begins on a. December 31, 2009 b. March 11, 2009 c. March 15, 2010 d. March 18, 2010 CPA Nov. 1994 3 Susie Quick filed her 2006 income tax return on February 15, 2007. She later discovered that she failed to take an exemption for her son on the 2006 tax return. Otherwise, the tax return was correct. What is the latest date by which
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