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Unformatted text preview: 51d72907d7eed0302fe59bd31e24aea1f3888666.xlsx Page 1 of 1 CPA Exam Topics - 2011 Chap. Page Code III. Federal Tax Process, Procedures, Accounting, and Planning (11% - 15%) A.Federal Tax Legislative Process B.Federal Tax Procedures 1Due dates and related extensions of time 2IRS audit and appeals process 3Judicial process 4Required disclosure of tax return positions 5Substantiation requirements 6Penalties 7Statute of limitations C.Accounting Periods D.Accounting Methods 1Recognition of revenues and expenses under cash, accrual, or other permitted methods 2Inventory valuation methods, uniform capitalization rules 3Accounting for long-term contracts 4Installment sales E.Tax Return Elections, Include Federal Status Elections, Alternative Treatment Elections, or Other Elections Applicable to an Individual or Entity’s Tax Return F.Tax Planning 1Alternative treatments 2Projections of tax consequences 3Implications of different business entities 4Impact of proposed tax audit adjustments 5Impact of estimated tax payment rules on planning...
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