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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Archaeology - Anthro 324, F 2002 / Owen Behavior observation project What you do: You observe some human behavior, selected to give you something interesting to discuss. You notice what material evidence this behavior leaves that future archaeologists might find. To do this, you might consider questions like: What material things are involved? What happens to them as a result? Which (if any) get into the archaeological record, and if they do, how, when, where, in what condition, and associated with what other things? How much of the evidence likely to be preserved after a few days, years, or centuries? Then you consider how an archaeologist might interpret the evidence, and how well he or she might be able to reconstruct the behavior. For this, you might consider questions like: Could this particular instance of the behavior be reconstructed from the archaeological record? Could the existence of this behavior in general be reconstructed from the combined evidence of many occurrences? from the combined evidence of many occurrences?...
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