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Introduction to Archaeology - Anthro 324, F 2002 / Owen History and Theory of Archaeology - Concepts You should be able not only to explain these terms, but also to use them. For example, after reading about some behavior, you should be able to propose an "etic" or an "emic" explanation for it; or after reading part of an article, you should be able to discuss whether it comes from a materialist viewpoint or a postmodernist one. A.D./B.C. C.E./B.C.E B.P. history vs. prehistory What is archaeology? Very generally, how did archaeology begin and develop into what it is today? Nabonidus, Boucher de Perthes, Alfred Kidder, Lewis Binford, others mentioned in Thomas antiquarianism catastrophism uniformitarianism Conjunctive approach New Archaeology What is anthropology? What is an "anthropological approach" to studying people and societies?
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Unformatted text preview: Very generally, what are some different views on what we mean by "culture"? emic approach etic approach adaptive approach ideational approach generalizing approach particularizing approach scientific approach humanistic approach scientific method historical science (vs. "normal", predictive science, vs. history) synchronic diachronic culture history low-level theory middle-range theory high-level theory What are some reasons why people do (or support) archaeology? cultural materialism modernism postmodernism, or postmodern interpretivism infrastructure structure (social structure, sociocultural structure, socioeconomic structure…) ideology, superstructure, or ideological superstructure processual archaeology postprocessual archaeology cultural evolutionism meme...
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