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Introduction to Archaeology - Anthro 324, F 2002 / Owen Archaeological paper review The point: This exercise gives you a chance to pursue your own interest in any area of archaeology that you like, learn a bit about it, and see how one particular bit of archaeological research was carried out, analyzed, and published. What you do: You find an archaeology article in an academic journal or review volume (on paper or online) on a subject that interests you. I offer some hints on how to do that below. Give me the reference (author, year, article title, journal title) by Thursday, November 7 in class, or by Friday, November 8 by email, so I can verify that it is a legitimate academic article worth pursuing. Once I give you the thumbs-up, you reread the article carefully and write a review. What you turn in: A 3-4 page review, together with a xerox or printout of the entire article, including references. I will return both to you. How to find an article: There are many ways to do this, but here are two: If you already know a subject that interests you, try searching for articles about it using any of the online journal databases available at the library. You may find references that the library has on paper, or ones that are available online. One of
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This note was uploaded on 03/02/2012 for the course ANTHRO 324 taught by Professor Bruceowen during the Fall '02 term at Sonoma.

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32402fPaperReview - Introduction to Archaeology - Anthro...

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