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Living in our Globalized World: Notes 9 Culturally constructed legitimacy; the push-pull model: Chavez Chapter 2 Copyright Bruce Owen 2011 - Chavez: Shadowed Lives: Chapter 2, Separation pp. 25-43 - What does “Separation” refer to? - subject matter of the chapter - metaphor that structures the book - Motivations for migrating to the US - p.25: key idea: “The idea of migrating to work in the United States is not something that just happens. It is socially and culturally constructed.” - what does this mean? - history - meaning - Ways in which the idea of migration is constructed in the minds of Mexicans - recruiting - family history - friends and kin - stories - music - Examples of construction of the idea of migrating: - Case of Enrique Valenzuela (a pseudonym, like almost all names in the book) - small rancho in Puebla: work is seasonal, 6 months per year if any - Bracero Program (already mentioned in the Introduction) - Father participated for 12 years, continued migrating after the program ended in 1964, but now without documents - discouraged his son from doing the same (a very common theme in stories like these) - why would he do that? - how did the Bracero program contribute to Enrique (the son) deciding to migrate? - pp.28-29: Case of Andrea Potrero - migrated to work while staying with an aunt who was a legal resident - five generations of her family have lived and worked in the US, over most of the 20 th century: long historical connection - Another aspect of Mexican life that shapes the idea of migration (contributes to constructing it): p.28-29: maquiladoras - factories in Mexico operating under a special legal regime - usually foreign-owned; built and run with foreign capital -
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