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Living in our Globalized World: Notes 13 Differences in perception: Chavez Chapter 5 Copyright Bruce Owen 2011 - Chavez: Shadowed Lives: Chapter 5, Suburban Shantytown and Refuge, pp. 87-103 - Describes the Green Valley camp - and what led to its destruction by “Health Services abatement” - The geographic pattern or process that led to this increased contact between groups with different cultures: - original settlement was in hidden pocket in rural landscape - expensive suburban residential developments were built in former farming country - surrounding Green Valley and bringing “permanent” Anglos in contact with the settlement of “transient” workers from Mexico - actually only about half undocumented (p. 98) - wealthy suburbanites were offended by seeing poor migrant workers - problems only arose when they started standing on main roads waiting to be picked up for temporary work - who picked them up? - who did they work for, doing what? - this is a microcosm of globalization - considering the pattern of movements of people that brought groups into contact may be useful in your second presentations - it can help to explain why people feel as they do, and what assumptions and values are involved in frictions between the groups - part of a diaspora? stranded minority? borderland cultures? not all patterns will fit into an existing, named category - Chavez makes a key point: it often does not matter whether the claims about the other are actually true or not (he implies that some or most are not true) - what matters is the message that they convey - remember that people respond to the meanings or interpretations of things, as much or more than the things themselves - so, what meanings does one group read into the Other? - what are the “meanings” that south San Diego Anglos place on workers from Mexico? -
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a340-11f-101-13-ChavezCh5 - Living in our Globalized World:...

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