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Living in our Globalized World: Notes 18 Immigrant ethics: Chavez Chapter 8 Copyright Bruce Owen 2011 - Chavez: Shadowed Lives: Chapter 8, Work, pp. 141-157 - Chavez’s descriptions of work experiences speak for themselves - “Immigrant ethics” - intention to work, and work hard - do not want handouts, just opportunity to work - very few undocumented migrants use welfare, food stamps, etc. (at least as of 1982…)
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Unformatted text preview: -positive value on work means that kids in Mexico by age 14 or 15 often leave school and start working -economic and social pressure to do the same in the US -teens want to help the family -from previous sections: tend to be very loyal to employers -tend to value steady employment over higher pay -Chavez suggests that experience in the US erodes these ethics -That’s it for this chapter!...
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