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a340-11f-101-20-ChavezCh10 - -but this incorporation is...

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Living in our Globalized World: Notes 20 Assimilation and Illusory membership: Chavez Chapter 10 Copyright Bruce Owen 2011 - Chavez: Shadowed Lives: Chapter 10, Incorporation, pp. 175-188 - aspects of incorporation (Chavez calls them “facets” or “modes”) - economic - getting a decent, stable job - paying taxes - shopping in local stores, etc. - linguistic - Migrants learn English as a second language - their kids learn it as a first language, along with Spanish - social, cultural, personal - growing US networks of kin, friends, etc. - family reunification - especially kids raised in the US - US schools and television to acculturate them - establish networks that then bind the parents - are culturally more American, not Mexican, don’t want to return - don’t know Mexican culture well enough - have no friends in Mexico - if born in the US, are US citizens
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Unformatted text preview: -but this incorporation is illusory without legal residence -can always be deported -can’t do many things: can’t take kids to Disneyland… -Government policies are contradictory -ICE (formerly INS) trying to deport undocumented migrants -hospitals providing medical care -public housing services -school for kids -school lunch programs for kids -because most do pay taxes -but they are not here legally, so does the state owe them services? -partly because of undocumented parents with US-born, citizen children -but if an undocumented kid takes two years of high school in California and graduates, they get legal residence in the state for some purposes, like college tuition -so the state subsidizes their education… but then makes it illegal for them to work here! -Again… that’s it!...
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