a340-11f-101-21-ChavezEpilogue - Living in our Globalized...

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Unformatted text preview: Living in our Globalized World: Notes 21 Who is American?: Chavez Epilogue Copyright Bruce Owen 2011 - Chavez: Shadowed Lives: Epilogue, pp. 189-200 - Uses an anthrological catchphrase: Production and reproduction- somewhat different meanings from common usage - these terms provide a way to divide up aspects of society in a way that is helpful for understanding some issues - just as dividing up social roles into laborer, consumer, and capitalist can help illuminate some things about society - Production : subsistence and other economic activity - the whole sphere of activities and social relations involved in people (mostly working adults) producing goods and services - Reproduction : family life, kids, education, and the kin and social networks necessary for those things - the whole sphere of how the people and social arrangements necessary for production are - maintained - continually re-created through peoples actions - and repopulated with new producers to replace those that get old, retire, and die...
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a340-11f-101-21-ChavezEpilogue - Living in our Globalized...

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