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Living in a Our Globalized World: Class 23 Fadiman – The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down – p 3-37, etc. Copyright Bruce Owen 2011 - pronounciation pp. 291-292 - Hmong written here with Romanized Popular Alphabet (RPA) - most words monosyllabic - tonal, eight tones; pitch high, low, middle; rises, stays same, or falls - last letter (consonant) indicates tone and tone shift - just ignore the final consonant ! - i.e. dab = “da” - x = “s” - txiv = “tsi” - double vowel = the vowel followed by “ng” - neeb = “neng” - Hmoob = Hmong = “Mong” - w = French “u” - txwv = “tsu” - Hmong are from Laos - Lia Lee; mother Foua Yang, father Nao Kao Lee - txiv neeb (“tsi neng”) = shaman - dab (“da”) = malevolent spirit - medical beliefs of Hmong p 4-6 - txiv neeb can intervene in case of illness, infertility, etc. - trances, travels with familiars, negotiates with spirits, even fights them - returns with orders to make x sacrifice, etc. - pregnant mother must obey cravings or baby will be harmed - must give birth in husband’s or husband’s cousin’s house, or dab may harm her - long hard labor made easy by drinking water in which a key has been boiled - specific diet and herbs after birth – Nao Kao cooks it and brings to hospital for Foua; they grew the herbs themselves for this purpose at the edge of the apartment parking lot - many causes of illness p. 10 - most common: soul loss (dispute about how many souls one has) but one, the life-soul, is the one that tends to get lost - through anger, fear, wanderlust, grief, curiosity… - babies’ souls particularly likely to wander off, be frightened away, be snatched by a dab - one can protect babies from losing their souls with hats that look like a flower to dab viewing from above, or with pigpen motifs on the baby carrier, or necklaces with locks
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a340-11f-101-23-Spirit-3-37etc - Living in a Our Globalized...

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