10ReproAquatic - 1 Announcements Insect collections due...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Announcements Insect collections due April 2 ID to order only Field trips next two Mondays FOP Laguna Arrive by 8 am for departure and arrival at SSU again by noon Wear clothes that can get damp For now skipping insect sensory structures Reproductive system Dioecious- female and male Usually reproduce sexually, and both sexes present If asexual reproduction, males absent Internal fertillization Sperm stored in spermatophore Usually eggs laid, some live birth Female reproductive system Eggs made in ovaries Sperm stored in spermatheca (up to 20 yrs) Copulation in genital chamber Accessory glands secrete compounds for eggs Male reproductive system Spermatozoa produced in testes Sperm stored in vas deferens Semen or spermatophore transmitted during mating through ejaculatory duct Aquatic Insects Repeated colonizations of freshwater by terrestrial insects Hemimetabolous: Mostly aquatic Ephemeroptera- Mayies Odonata- Anisoptera, Zygoptera Plecoptera- Stoneies Mostly terrestrial Hemiptera or True Bugs Holometabolous, colonized water more recently Neuroptera and Megaloptera- Alderies, Dobsonies Trichoptera- Caddisies (mostly aquatic) Lepidoptera- Butteries & Moths Coleoptera- beetles Diptera- Flies Habitats for aquatic insects Lotic- owing water inuenced strongly by velocity of ow Particle size Substrate type Inputs from outside and local nutrient supplies Lentic- standing water Often strong zonation Limnetic zone- penetrated by light Profundal zone- deeper zone w/o much light 2...
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10ReproAquatic - 1 Announcements Insect collections due...

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