12SexualSelection - 1 Announcements Reminder: ofFce hours...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Announcements Reminder: ofFce hours Monday 1-2, Tuesday 9:30-10:30 Collection station to be made in lab. Reading for today s class : Rank, N. E., K. Yturralde and E.P. Dahlhoff. 2006. Role of contests in the scramble competition mating system of a leaf beetle. Journal of Insect Behavior, 19:699-716. Mating and Reproduction How sexes fnd each other Courtship Nuptial giFts Sexual Selection Sexual selection Occurs when a trait that is costly for survival, but confers greater mating success My explain sexual dimorphism Males larger than females- rare in insects Exaggerated traits in males Types oF sexual selection Intrasexual selection Contest competition Scramble competition Sperm competition Intersexual selection Male has exaggerated trait Females choose males depending on trait value Sex roles reversed if males perform more parental care than females Contest competition requent Fghts over territory or access to females Males monopolize females Often exaggerated traits in males Positive assortative mating (large males mate with large females) probably because large females lay more eggs Large male wins Exaggerated structure 2 Scramble competition Scramble to be frst to mate Little monopolization oF Females No consistent body size eFFect...
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12SexualSelection - 1 Announcements Reminder: ofFce hours...

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