13ReprodLifeCycles - reproduction Viparity: Egg laying...

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1 Announcements Lab quiz next Monday Insect collections to be returned in lab Tips for a good collection Insects pinned and labeled as shown in guidelines Enough insects collected Good presentation of specimens Nice collections Last lecture • Kinds of sexual selection – Intrasexual • Male male competition – Contest competition – Scramble competition • Sperm competition – Intersexual- female choice • Reproductive conflict between sexes • Outcomes of sexual selection • Case of willow leaf beetle Questions about leaf beetle study? Ovipositor Structure Ovipositor Modifications
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2 Ichneumon Insect reproduction Types of offspring produced Oviparity-eggs travel down oviduct, are fertilized, and laid Oviviparity- eggs incubate inside reproductive tract of female before laying Viviparity- ‘live’ birth, where larvae develop inside female Parthenogenesis Hermaphroditism in insects Effects of vertically transmitted bacteria on
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Unformatted text preview: reproduction Viparity: Egg laying Oviparity Laying initiates egg development Viviparity initiation of egg development takes place in female Parthenogenesis Females produce viable unfertilized eggs Found in nearly all insect orders Leaf beetle genus Oreina Found in Europe All three reproductive strategies found in one genus 3 Parthenogenesis Types Obligatory Facultative Seasonal in aphids Asexual reproduction during summer Sexual reproduction in Spring and fall Variation in reproduction larvae O. variabilis eggs O. elongata larvae O. cacaliae Parthenogenesis in Hymenoptera Sex determination Haploid = male Diploid = female Mechanism Female lets sperm fertilize eggs, female With no fertilization, male Bumblebee life cycle Ant life cycle...
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13ReprodLifeCycles - reproduction Viparity: Egg laying...

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