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13ReprodLifeCycles - reproduction Viparity Egg laying •...

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1 Announcements Lab quiz next Monday Insect collections to be returned in lab Tips for a good collection Insects pinned and labeled as shown in guidelines Enough insects collected Good presentation of specimens Nice collections Last lecture • Kinds of sexual selection – Intrasexual • Male male competition – Contest competition – Scramble competition • Sperm competition – Intersexual- female choice • Reproductive conflict between sexes • Outcomes of sexual selection • Case of willow leaf beetle Questions about leaf beetle study? Ovipositor Structure Ovipositor Modifications
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2 Ichneumon Insect reproduction Types of offspring produced Oviparity-eggs travel down oviduct, are fertilized, and laid Oviviparity- eggs incubate inside reproductive tract of female before laying Viviparity- ‘live’ birth, where larvae develop inside female Parthenogenesis Hermaphroditism in insects Effects of vertically transmitted bacteria on
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Unformatted text preview: reproduction Viparity: Egg laying • Oviparity – Laying initiates egg development Viviparity – initiation of egg development takes place in female Parthenogenesis • Females produce viable unfertilized eggs • Found in nearly all insect orders Leaf beetle genus Oreina • Found in Europe • All three reproductive strategies found in one genus 3 Parthenogenesis • Types – Obligatory – Facultative • Seasonal in aphids – Asexual reproduction during summer – Sexual reproduction in Spring and fall Variation in reproduction larvae O. variabilis eggs O. elongata larvae O. cacaliae Parthenogenesis in Hymenoptera • Sex determination – Haploid = male – Diploid = female • Mechanism – Female lets sperm fertilize eggs, female – With no fertilization, male Bumblebee life cycle Ant life cycle...
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13ReprodLifeCycles - reproduction Viparity Egg laying •...

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