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19InsectPredPar - Announcements P e p p e rw o o d M a y 4...

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1 Announcements Pepperwood May 4 Arrival •Saturday night 6:00 •Sunday 8:00 breakfast, 9:30 hike begins Bring collecting equipment Exam 3- submit corrections to me Deadlines Quiz Monday May 5 Lab Quiz Monday May 12 Insect collection May 14 Field Journal May 12 Kinds of Predators Sit and wait –Cryptic –Apparent Active foraging • Trap-making Prey location for active foragers Random searching Fly larvae casting for prey When one is encountered, feed but otherwise cast further Directional searching Stepwise search using multiple cues – Cues • Chemical Substances emitted by prey Frass of prey (feces) • Sound Luring prey to predator Random Searching Directional search Trap nesting wasp provisions nest Directional search Eggs of fly predator on beetle eggs
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2 Syrphid fly hatchlings Syrphid fly predator uses chemical cues to locate beetle larvae Luring prey to predator Trap-making Tiger beetles Trap-making- ant lion larvae Net-building Caddisfly larvae
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