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23SocInsectsDisease - Announcements Last lecture S u b s o...

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1 Announcements • Deadlines – Insect collection May 14 (morning) – Field Journal May 14 (morning) – Lab notebook due at Final Exam Extra time for collection – Today from 12:00-1:30 – Tuesday a.m. 9:30-11:30 Need quiz 2 scores, version in spreadsheet file missing Last lecture Subsocial behavior – Aggregations Soldier aphids and thrips Parental care Tending or feeding Nest making – Solitary – communal • Quasisociality • Semisociality • Eusociality Honey Bees Colony develops and may found new colonies during summer Nest made of wax secreted by bees Castes: queen (larger), worker (smaller), drone Old workers: hive; Young workers: field Ants –All ants are eusocial –Workers may be polymorphic –Trophogenic –Feeding • Predatory
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