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230a_ch11 - Compensation Expense Interest Expense Income...

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Chapter 11: Shareholders’ Equity Balance Sheet: A = L + SE Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents Accounts Receivables Inventory Gross Plant, Property and Equipment (PPE) Less Accumulated Depreciation Net Plant Property and Equipment Intangibles Liabilities Accounts Payable Accrued liabilities Notes payable Current portion of long-term debt Long-term Debt Deferred taxes Bonds Stockholders’ Equity Common Stock Preferred Stock Additional Paid in Capital Retained Earnings Treasury Stock Income Statement: Rev – Exp = NI Revenue Gain on Sale of PPE Cost of Goods Sold Bad Debt Expense Depreciation Expense Amortization Expense Repair Expense
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Unformatted text preview: Compensation Expense Interest Expense Income Tax Expense Loss on Sale of PPE Debt vs Equity υ DEBT υ EQUITY Common Equity υ Jan. 2: Funco issued 70,000 shares of stock with par value of $1 per share and market value of $5 per share. Dividends υ Dec. 15: Funco declares a $.50 per share dividend, to be paid on Jan. 3 to shareholders of record Dec. 20. Preferred Stock υ Stock with some type of preference: Treasury Stock υ Dec. 30: Funco repurchases 1,000 shares of stock for $6 per share. • Year 2 Funco reissues 500 shares of stock for $8 per share...
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