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geog387_lab1 - Geography 387 Fall 2011 Lab 1 Exploring...

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Geography 387 Lab 1 Exploring ArcGIS Fall 2011 1 Lab 1: Exploring ArcGIS 1. Purpose To familiarize you with the following: The main modules of ESRI's ArcGIS software Displaying data, searching data, and publishing data Navigating the ArcGIS help files Basic cartography Provide the background necessary for future lab exercises 2. Introduction and background In this course, we will be working with ESRI's ArcGIS 10.x software. ArcGIS is widely used in industry by professional GIS users. Since version 8.0, ArcGIS has been a Windows-based GIS program -- a significant departure from the structure of versions 7.x and older, which used command line interfaces in DOS or UNIX. Working in ArcGIS typically uses three main modules: Catalog, ArcToolbox, and ArcMap. These modules represent the three basic necessities of GIS: data management, data analysis, and data output/mapping. In this lab we will cover these modules in greater depth, as well as discover some of their key functionality. Cartography In this lab we will also give some basic principles of cartography. This portion of the lab will provide you with the basic guidelines and requirements for all maps handed in with lab assignments. We will have a more in-depth lab on cartography in Lab 4. Additional information Additional information on ArcGIS software can be found through the ArcGIS web site , and through the ESRI Virtual Campus web site , which offers several free tutorials on ArcGIS and ArcGIS extensions.
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Geography 387 Lab 1 Exploring ArcGIS Fall 2011 2 3. Getting Started Lab equipment It is strongly recommended that you purchase a flash (pen, thumb) USB drive for storing your lab materials and data. Logging in To log into the GIS Lab computers, you use your SSU Seawolf user name and password. Creating a Work Directory Keeping track of the files you use and create with the GIS tools is very important. The GIS software will work most efficiently if you work with your data on the local hard drive (C: drive). However, the lab computers are not a reliable place to leave files from one week to the next. Files left on the lab computer MAY NOT be there when you return! Therefore, keeping your data on a portable storage device of your own, such as a “flash drive”, will make it necessary to copy data to the local drive of the computer you are using and when you are done working, to copy the data back to your flash drive. Each computer in the lab has a directory at C:\WorkSpace. You are strongly urged to use this directory and create a temporary subdirectory in it each time you use a lab computer. Double click on the My Computer icon, or go to Start -> Programs -> Windows Explorer or push the window key on the keyboard then the "E" key (window key and "M" will minimize everything if you get lost in multiple windows). Open the C:\WorkSpace folder. Then right-click in the white space and select New ->
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geog387_lab1 - Geography 387 Fall 2011 Lab 1 Exploring...

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