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qa1-1 - stories assume a primarily female primarily male or...

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Cinderella Short Stories: Question Sheet 1 Due: Wed Jan 23 Fairy tales are often considered “children’s literature” because they have didactic (teaching) properties, and often include some kind of moral lesson. What do you think is the moral of: “Yeh-hsien”? - “The Black Cow”? - Fairy tales often imbed powerful lessons about gender roles (as the massively successful marketing of the “Disney Princess” image reveals). Are there differently gendered morals directed separately at the male and female members of the audience? (For that matter, do some
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Unformatted text preview: stories assume a primarily female, primarily male, or generally mixed gender audience?) Why do you get that impression? What are the minimum plot elements that a story has to have to be considered a true “Cinderella” story? (This is entirely subjective. Don’t feel compelled to account for every narrative that I’ve included in the “Cinderella” section if you prefer a narrower definition.)...
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