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Beast in search of Beauty: Q&A Sheet 8 Due Mon Mar 24 Orasmyn frequently talks about veils and the woman’s body, but the cover image suggests that in this story it’s the male body that is being veiled. Women find the burka both liberating and restrictive. What are the limitations and freedoms that Orasmyn experiences inside the lion’s body? Answer one of the two: 1.One of the ironies of using the Gulistan as a referent for the Beast is that it has an entire chapter on the Virtues of Silence (You can find an English translation online easily if you’re curious.) This
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Unformatted text preview: Beast doesnt lose his wit, but he does lose his voice. How must this impact Belles perception of him as a being to be loved? Support your point with details. 2. There are a lot of books in this story. What role do the different books (read or written in) play for the development of the relationship between Belle and Orasmyn? (Give at least two examples) List the respective morals for each individual: The Beast: Belle: You, the reader:...
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