Essay Grading Rubric

Essay Grading Rubric - 1. Argument (relating to quality of...

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1. Argument (relating to quality of thesis, support, evidence, framing) 2. Organization (relating to structure, coherence) 3. Stylistics (relating to tone, choice of adjectives, fluidity in incorporating outside sources) 4. Mechanics (the nitty gritty of commas, periods, and grammatical verbs) Note: please pay close attention to the kinds of questions and objections that I scribble in the margins of your smaller homework assignments. I spend hours putting those in there so that you can start to recognize terms that you tend to generalize and other trouble spots in your analysis. In those papers, I’m trying to show you how I’ll respond to a longer work. The reason that we don’t usually give this kind of document to undergraduates is that it’s framed in such a way that it’s clear that the A essay is the goal. If you only get one shot at an essay, and it landed in the C range, you would almost certainly be outraged to find it described in such negative terms. However, since we’re looking at several drafts of the same essay, even if your initial draft has some weaker characteristics, we can work together to tighten it up before you submit the final draft. (This is NOT a suggestion that you should blow off the first draft, but rather an encouragement to think in the
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Essay Grading Rubric - 1. Argument (relating to quality of...

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