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MIND AND FREEDOM Addressing The Mind-Body Problem An Inconsistent Tetrad: Mind Is Non-Material (Spiritual) Body Is Material (Physical) Mind And Body Interact Material And Non-Material Do Not Interact Possible Solutions: Dualism And The Varieties Of Materialism
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Two Types Of Dualism First Type: Substance Dualism: 2 Kinds Interactionism (Descartes, Popular View) Mind And Body Made Of Different Kinds Of Stuff Thinking vs. Extended Mind And Body Interact
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Unformatted text preview: BIG PROBLEM: HOW??? Parallelism (Leibniz) Pre-Established Harmony Dualism (cont.) Second Type: Property Dualism Irreducible Properties Of Certain States Reducibility vs. Irreducibility What Sorts Of Properties? Qualitative: Raw Feels Qualia States: Pains, Tickles, etc. Intentional: Aboutness, Truth And Falsehood Propositional Attitude States: Beliefs, Desires, etc. Deep Worry: Epiphenomenalism...
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Lecture9.ppt - BIG PROBLEM: HOW??? Parallelism (Leibniz)...

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