Exam I - Name SOC 10002/20002 Spring 2009 Exam I Multiple...

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Name: ______________________________________ SOC 10002/20002, Spring 2009 Exam I Multiple Choice and True/False : Worth 2 points each. Choose the answer that best fits. 1. According to Chambliss in “The Mundanity of Excellence,” excellence in athletics best reflects: a. habits and values. b. talent and natural ability. c. self-confidence and personality. d. increased training and motivation. 2. Durkheim would likely cite ______ as what’s contributing to higher rates of suicide in more sparsely populated states or among Protestants. a. anomic suicide b. egoistic suicide c. altruistic suicide d. fatalistic suicide 3. T F Objectivation is the stage in social construction in which we learn supposedly “objective” facts about the categories created in social construction. For example, Heather wears skimpy clothes and lots of make-up because she’s a slut. 4. T F Adler used ethnographic methods in “Researching Dealers and Smugglers.” 5. Adler’s sample in the same article would best be described as: a. a random sample. b. a representative sample. c. a snowball sample. d. a focus group. 6. Which of the following chapters in Second Thoughts highlights cultural inconsistency? a. “Children Are Our Most Precious Commodity” b. “Winning is Everything” c. “Beauty is Only Skin Deep” d. e. All of the above 7. T F This exam is harder than I thought it would be. 8.
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Exam I - Name SOC 10002/20002 Spring 2009 Exam I Multiple...

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