Exam II - Name: _ SOC 10002/20002, Spring 2009 Exam II...

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SOC 10002/20002, Spring 2009 Exam II Multiple Choice and True/False : Worth 2 points each. Choose the answer that best fits. 1. The belief that high salaries and social rewards are important sources of motivation for the best and the brightest to pursue highly-skilled occupations is part of: a. the Davis-Moore hypothesis b. conflict theory c. a meritocratic belief system d. stratification theory 2. T F The number in deep poverty has decreased since Bill Clinton’s welfare reform in 1996. 3. T F The Urban Renewal program made the cities a more livable environment, especially for African Americans and Latinos. 4. The fair housing public service announcement from class/concourse best illustrates: a. racial steering b. linguistic profiling c. reification d. prejudice 5. I read ________ of the readings this section. a. all b. most c. some d. a few 6. T F It takes earning a college degree for a woman to make as much as a man who only has a high school diploma. 7. T F The popularity of girls with other girls was affected by their popularity with boys, while boys' status with other boys did not depend on their relations with girls. 8. According to the contact hypothesis, the premise of the show “30 Days” works because it allows participants to: a. break down stereotypes. b. build empathy. c. decrease anxiety associated with other groups. d.
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Exam II - Name: _ SOC 10002/20002, Spring 2009 Exam II...

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